An opportunity to join the team...


We are a small, experienced team of world-class coaches who work with senior business professionals to develop their voice and communication skills to meet the demands of their role. Our client's goal is our goal.

Our work, providing group training and 1-1 coaching in executive communication, takes us to all four corners of the globe.

Established in 1998, we have gained a reputation in the business world for providing a highly effective coaching service, and as we continue to grow our portfolio of clients, we look for new trainers to join us.

Our values

Our team shares a common goal: we do our best, on every occasion, with every client. In addition to this we deliver a methodology which has been nearly 20 years in the making - a methodology which gets results!


If you are a results-oriented executive coach who has the ability and an understanding of what it takes to make a difference - and you want to work with like-minded individuals, please get in touch today. You will have:

•   Corporate experience in an international environment

•   Passion for coaching

•   Desire to help others succeed in all types of business interaction

•   Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the subject

We will train you in the Professional Voice methodology and give you opportunities to work with some of the most interesting business executives in the world.

To find out more, please contact Marie Lester, Director, Professional Voice at: