February 7th 2019

New Year, New Challenge, New Program

As we get in to the new year, executives are engaging in the challenge of operating in a fast-moving environment where quality and speed of communication is paramount.

Leaders, both newly-appointed and experienced, need to step up to the next level of effective and persuasive communication more than ever before. And skill development is key.

'We' instead of 'me' becomes even more important as companies galvanise their teams and resources to act like a well-oiled machine - rather than a disparate set of individuals pulling in different directions. And the key to achieving this is excellent communication. Professional Voice works works with senior executives across all industries, and is in a unique position to see business trends emerging. In response to the increasing demands on the business leader, we have developed a new program called Strategic Communication Skills. 

This program supports the executive over a 6- to 12-month period. Personalised coaching support begins with an audit identifying strengths and potential development areas.

Skills are developed in using vocal and messaging techniques and physical presence strengthened.

Work is applied to address business challenges, typically to:

» Be able to distill the ‘Big Picture’

» Table new concepts with ease

» Turn round negative perceptions and create a positive working culture 

» Give clear purpose and direction

» Shape behaviours adeptly

» Align performance to organisational goals

» Move the business forward on a constant basis


Strategic communication is key to meeting these challenges.


Contact us now to discuss how we can help you become an outstanding communicator and step up to the next level.