Are you still using an 'Agenda' slide?

Messaging Skills for Driving Change

Too many presenters are still using a meeting style 'Agenda' slide at the beginning of their presentations (which looks something like the one illustrated below). This immediately sends out all the wrong signals: that the presenter is going to talk about a random set of information, at best unstructured - and at worst dull.

Here are a few ideas on how to make an agenda slide which works for you - rather than against you.

The first point to clarify is what the Agenda is for.

The Agenda slide in a presentation should be there to tell the audience what you're going to talk about. And this should reflect your presentation structure. 10 items is too many. It indicates a LACK of structure.

The ideal number is 3. An audience can take in, follow - and remember 3 topics.

Ensure that your 3 topics progress from a start point to an end point. 

Add some visual interest to make the Agenda more engaging.

Instead of the word 'Agenda', try a more conversational phrase.

Here are a few ideas:

The 'Agenda' slide needs a makeover.

The traditional meeting agenda should be ONLY be used in dusty, dry boardrooms where minutes are taken and everyone falls asleep. It has no place in an engaging, well-structured, audience-focused presentation which encourages response - and gets a result.

So start an Agenda revolution and become a 'New Agenda' champion.

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