February 11th 2018

Professional Voice celebrates 20 years of supporting business professionals

"Every client is individual; every speaking situation unique", says Marie Lester, co-founder of Professional Voice.

Since we founded Professional Voice in 1998, we have worked with a huge variety of executives and business leaders. An estimated 20,000 people (of at least 30 different nationalities) have benefitted from our coaching programs in all four corners of the globe - both face-to-face and via webinar. We have developed a wide range of programs in leadership speaking, developing presence, presenting with impact, speaking with authority, to name but a few - and loved every minute of it!

Our small team of coaches are true specialists in their field and always enjoy the new, the unchartered - and a challenge!

And 20 years on, you might be wondering what has changed in the world of business communication.

We could say that business people are more time-deficient now, that attention spans are shorter, that change is happening at a faster pace - and all of this is, of course, true. In response, we have developed coaching methods for ensuring that skill development is fast, relevant and effective. But people are still human beings. And essentially nothing changes about the communications between them. We still need to get our messages across effectively and engagingly. And it's still all too easy to get it wrong.

Having a clear goal, using models to structure content, choosing words carefully to communicate the message clearly and powerfully are paramount.

And the voice and all the non-verbal language play a huge part in adding emphasis and shades of meaning to the message.

When a speaker can command the attention of the audience and engage them from beginning to end, it seems like an 'art'. But in fact it's all down to preparation and technique.

This is a skill within the reach of us all - with a little coaching.

So, if you haven't benefitted from one of our programs yet, call us today. We'd be delighted to hear from you!

To develop your business speaking skills, please contact Simon Cannon at Professional Voice on:

+44 (0)208 579 6662