How to Build Executive Presence

Leadership Communication

Executive Presence is not a quest to find the Holy Grail. It is not innate.

Executive Presence is the result of successful leadership communication and alignment is central to that process:

Having a positive mindset is key. Believe you will succeed and you are half way there. No athlete ever won a race by thinking they would fail.

Then you need to manage your impact on others and the passage of messages back and forth between yourself and your listeners. People quite literally make up their minds about you - as well as your message - in every situation. And there are many aspects to this process.

Your audience decodes the information imparted by your voice, for example your pace, breathing patterns, tone, use of pitch and inflections. From these they interpret your level of confidence, your authority, your energy - and your power.

They absorb (often subconsciously) the non-verbal messages revealed by how you stand, your facial expressions, eye contact and gestures. These make up the secondary message. Your audience will weigh this information against what you are saying and look for alignment with your primary messages (your words and any visual information). If there is alignment then your audience will connect with you, believe you and buy in to your ideas. 

Where there is alignment, there will also be presence. Executive Presence results from successful leadership communication - it is not the source of it.

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