Developing Your Corporate Image

Telephone Speaking

Your corporate brand is communicated in many ways: through your letterhead, correspondence, through your company literature and your website.  All your visual commmunications clearly make an impression on your clients.

But when a potential client speaks to someone at your company on the phone, what impression do they have then? 

Do your client services teams sound clear and responsive - or hesitant and disinterested? Do your sales people sound confident and engaging - or mumbling and unprofessional? Do they make your clients want to listen? Can they build rapport with clients quickly?

Professional Voice can give your company representatives the vocal techniques and skills to achieve a better brand perception and:

1. Increased professionalism

2. More meetings with prospects

3. Higher sales levels

4. Improved customer retention 

"We've just had our best sales quarter and there's no doubt that the Professional Voice Executive Telephone Skills course contributed to this," said Mark Williamson, Sales and Marketing Director of PH Media Group.

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