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Mastering Meetings

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Meetings

So much emphasis is put on developing skills for presenting that sometimes how we interact with others in a meeting is neglected, although it is one of the key skills for management.



Are You Getting Your Message Across?

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Presenting Facts and Figures

Presenting a lot of facts and figures can be a difficult task. In the worst cases the message can be entirely lost. No more so than in the example of the reports presented prior to the Colombia space shuttle disaster in 2003. In a study conducted afterwards looking into the causes of the disaster, a technical report presented in PowerPoint was held partly to blame for causing the crash.


Counting the Cost of Clichés

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Using Expressions

We all have our favourite expressions and phrases – whatever nationality we are.


The English Language: Going for Gold?

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Figures of Speech

If public speaking were an Olympic sport, would you win a medal? How would you perform? And, most importantly, what criteria would the judges use?


Do I Make Myself Clear?

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Style

Clients have often said to me that they find native English speakers harder to understand than their colleagues who have English as a second language. Why is this? Surely native English speakers are easier to understand...


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