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Developing Your Corporate Image

Telephone Speaking

Your corporate brand is communicated in many ways: through your letterhead, correspondence, through your company literature and your website.  All your visual commmunications clearly make an impression on your clients.

But when a potential client speaks to someone at your company on the phone, what impression do they have then? 


How Should You Begin A Presentation?

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Presentations

The beginning of your presentation is an opportunity for you to engage the audience’s attention and ensure they are listening before you get into the main content of your presentation.

A presentation which starts 'my name is...' is a safe way to begin but may send a message to the audience that they are NOT going to be surprised by what you have to say.

Likewise, an agenda slide listing 10 items normally heralds the beginning of another information-driven 30 minutes or so. 

So what can you do?


Mastering Meetings

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Meetings

So much emphasis is put on developing skills for presenting that sometimes how we interact with others in a meeting is neglected, although it is one of the key skills for management.



Are You Getting Your Message Across?

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Presenting Facts and Figures

Presenting a lot of facts and figures can be a difficult task. In the worst cases the message can be entirely lost. No more so than in the example of the reports presented prior to the Colombia space shuttle disaster in 2003. In a study conducted afterwards looking into the causes of the disaster, a technical report presented in PowerPoint was held partly to blame for causing the crash.


Counting the Cost of Clichés

Voice and Communication Skills Top Tips: Using Expressions

We all have our favourite expressions and phrases – whatever nationality we are.


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