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Speaking to Inspire

I haven’t written a blog for a while. This is because I have been very busy coaching but also because I have been waiting for inspiration.

What is inspiration? What is it that inspires us and how do we inspire others?




What is the the one thing that makes a speaker, a leader - and an individual - great?

An underrated, often underdeveloped sense - namely,



The New Finance Mandate - But Can the Leopard Change his Spots?

It's wrong to generalise. And stereotypes are very much out of fashion these days. So forgive me if I generalise for a moment about a stereotype! The FD.

The traditional FD is an accountant who focusses on the past performance of the company - as defined by numbers - tax liabilities, compliance requirements, and cost efficiencies. They're intelligent, numerate, meticulous with an eye for detail, but also err on the introspective side. And can be positively shy and retiring when it comes to speaking and presenting.

Over the last few years, the role of Finance has been changing.

While retaining the traditional areas, there is now a growing list of new, less familiar, responsibilities such as the digitalisation of the business, the development and deployment of solutions which drive business transformation - and the need to build relationships and cross-functional talent and teams in the process. All of this is reframing the Finance function as a key driver of future business development and corporate strategy.

The change of emphasis is putting the finance leader into a central leadership role in promoting, articulating and enabling growth, and how the company creates and preserves future value. But there's a problem.

The Finance lead may have a new focus but can the leopard change his spots?


Creative thinking in persuasive speaking and presenting

Do you have a conference coming up? A kick-off meeting? A TED-style talk?

You might even have a Dragon’s Den style meeting...

And want to give it a fresh approach, a bit of sparkle?

A little ideation may be the answer!

But what does to ideate mean and how do you do it?


"Smile - You're on Camera"

The power of body language in leadership communication

Have you noticed how little you take in at the very beginning of a talk or presentation? Ever wondered why that is?


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