Executive Telephone Skills

Are you seeking to raise the vocal skill level of your client services team, your sales support executives, or any outward-facing executive who works primarily on the telephone?

Telephone communications with your potential and existing clients are key  -  and they make a lasting impression.

Your clients will respond to someone who sounds confident, engaging and responsive but will have a negative reaction to someone who is hesitant, mumbling and disinterested.

At Professional Voice we understand not only the vocal techniques required but also how to apply them effectively in business communication.

Our workshops cover 3 key areas:

  • Understanding vocal techniques and their impact
  • Using different vocal skills
  • Applying a combination of techniques in different business call scenarios

Successful telephone communication requires understanding of the voice and vocal techniques and the relatively small investment you make will result in:

  • Increased professionalism

  • More meetings with prospects

  • Higher sales levels 

  • Improved customer retention

Group sizes range from 4-10 per group and workshops range from 2 hours to 2 days.


Please call us to discuss how we could tailor a program to suit your business requirement.

  • We've just had our best sales quarter ever and there's no doubt that the Professional Voice Executive Telephone Skills course contributed to this.

    Mark Williamson,
    Sales and Marketing Director,
    PH Media Group, 2017