Recent Case Studies

Professional Voice provides a range of program formats to match its client requirements. Here are some case studies of programs recently developed for major corporate clients:

  1. Senior Sales Team High Impact Program
  2. Personal Development Program
  3. Senior Team program
  4. Senior Team Rehearsal coaching 
  5. International Leadership Development programs 
  6. Sales Team coaching 
  7. Management Conference preparation and rehearsal coaching
  8. Company Sale presentation preparation and coaching 


1. Senior Sales Team High Impact Program

Brief - The UK Sales Director of an international IT company asked Professional Voice to provide a trial 1-day group program to key senior sales executives.

Outcome - The client was delighted with the improvement in the vocal impact and effectiveness of all the participants, and in the high impact messaging achieved.

The coaching is now being rolled out to groups of sales executives within the company across the UK.

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2. Personal Development Program

Brief - The UK Managing Director of an international automotive company asked Professional Voice to provide a one-to-one program for his would-be successor.

Key personal development areas for the executive were assessed and discussed at an introductory meeting, and a staged 5-session program structured and delivered.

Outcome - The client was delighted with his progress and rapid improvement in his vocal performance and clarity of message in all the business speaking contexts he had identified - presentations, briefings and client meetings.

Shortly after the program, he was told that he gave his best ever presentation. The coaching has now been extended to other executives within the company.

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3. Senior Team Program

Brief - The UK Managing Director of a leading European financial services company asked Professional Voice to provide a 2-day coaching program including group and one-to-one coaching to himself and his Board colleagues, to improve and enhance their Voice and Communication skills in both internal and external speaking situations.

Outcome - 'The improvement in my own and my colleagues' speaking performance has been really noticeable. They have told me themselves how much they gained from the coaching, and have already noticed the benefits. I am very pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend this program'.

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4. Senior Team Rehearsal Coaching

Brief - The UK Communications Director of a leading supplier in the defence sector asked Professional Voice to provide Voice and Communication coaching to senior executives from the UK and Italy to optimise their vocal delivery and performance in international management conferences and road show presentations.

Outcome - our coaches now work one-to-one with senior executive speakers at the company before and during these events on a regular basis.

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5. International Leadership Development Programs

Brief - A leading global pharmaceuticals corporate asked Professional Voice to provide a Voice and Communication module in an innovative new Leadership program for senior executives worldwide.

Outcome - This highly successful program is now delivered 3 times per year in the Far East, US and Switzerland. Over 30 nationalities of senior executive are coached through the year.

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6. Sales Team Coaching

Brief - The Head of Training of one of the UK 's leading financial services companies commissioned Professional Voice to structure a 2-day program for its Area Sales Managers, focusing on effective speaking performance and authority when pitching for business in group and one-to-one contexts. A post-program support help line gives further feedback and advice to the participants when applying vocal techniques in new speaking contexts.

Outcome – The first program was delivered successfully and has been rolled out to a number of regions in the UK.

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7. Management Conference Preparation and Rehearsal Coaching

Brief - A leading organisation in the property sector asked Professional Voice to oversee their management conference. The brief was to ensure that all the members of the senior management team, including the CEO and MD, were on brief and consistent in their delivery of key messages.

Professional Voice also helped individual speakers with presentation structure and coached them in the dynamic and motivating delivery style required for the event.

Outcome – The organising HR Director had excellent feedback on the event from Directors and delegates alike. She told Professional Voice that the key speakers had been on-message and engaging and that the coaching had added significant value.

Further one-to-one coaching is now planned for key executives.

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8. Company Sale Presentation Preparation and Coaching

Brief - Professional Voice was chosen by the holding company of UK's nuclear companies to assist with the preparations for the sale of a division of its group. Our coaches worked with the senior management team over a period of 4 weeks on the business proposition, creation and delivery of all aspects of the sale presentation, including a corporate film and how to handle Q & A.

Outcome – The division was successfully sold to a US energy group at an above-anticipated price. The Finance Director was delighted with the coaching input, and believed that the clarity of business messages and impact of delivery had been of significant importance in the sales process.

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