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Voice Coaching Americas

In January 2015, Professional Voice set up its Americas office in Mexico City.

Many of our international clients have a strong presence in the North American and LatAm regions, including Argo Group, BASF, BAT, BP, Canon, GKN, HP, Kimberly-Clark, Roche, Novartis, NBC Universal, Schenker, Swiss Re and VW.

Please see our clients for a list of the major client companies we support.

The objective of our coaching is to develop the communication skills of the executive for use in every business speaking situation.


Coaching focuses on:

• Message
How to create clear, well-structured and reasoned messages to handle all impromptu and formal speaking situations effectively.

• Language
How to harness the power of language to connect to the audience and make the message memorable.

• Presence
How to optimise personal impact to command attention and convey confidence.

• Vocal delivery
How to deliver the message to engage and influence the listener.

Our coaching structure and materials have been specifically developed for the international executive who wants a learning pathway that is:

  1. Personal and tailored
  2. Relevant to today's business environment
  3. Outcome-focused
  4. Intensive
  5. Flexible (time-wise and geographically)
  6. Blended (ie face to-face and coaching via webinar/Skype)


In addition to the standard 1-1 and in-company group programmes we offer, our voice and communication programmes for non-native English speakers are increasingly relevant to executives in Mexico and Latin America.

While executives may be fluent in English, they may not have a good understanding of pronunciation and use of the English 'tune'. We improve clarity through work on syllabic stress, articulation and intonation patterns.


For further information on our services, please contact:

Maria Lourdes Garcia, Operations Director at Swiss Re, México, commented:

¨El Training de comunicación a través de "Professional Voice" me ha sido de gran utilidad, ya que me ha permitido ser más clara, precisa y convincente en mi comunicación cara a cara, a través de web-conference , y en el día a día (especialmente en reuniones de trabajo). Además de la mejora en mi comunicación, estas sesiones han incrementado considerablemente el manejo de mi idioma Inglés, me ha proporcionado más confianza al interactuar con mis colegas en el extranjero. Recomiendo ampliamente este programa para cualquier. Ejecutivo que se desempeñe en un ambiente global, para lo cual una comunicación clara, concisa y convincente es esencial.¨