The Professional Voice Team

We are a small team of business professionals with a wide breadth of experience. We have worked in organisations ranging from business start-ups to multinationals, and as a result have an in-depth understanding of the communication demands on today's executive. This has driven the development of our coaching methodology, the essence of which is the ability to coach our clients in how to construct and deliver clear and memorable business messages.

Formed in 1998, we provide coaching in all aspects of contemporary communication with a particular emphasis on voice and messaging skills for both formal and informal business speaking. Our coaches have professional qualifications in voice studies and extensive experience working with business executives in a wide range of speaking situations.

We have worked with over 1000 chief executives and innumerable directors and managers across all industry sectors and business functions. We have provided coaching worldwide to executives of over 30 different nationalities. The benefit of this to our clients is that Professional Voice assessment and coaching is designed for the international business executive and delivered to an international standard. Through our unique coaching approach we are able to effect measurable improvements to an executive's impact in a short space of time.