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The New FD: Can the leopard change its spots?

Finance directors can improve their personal impact and confidence through developing soft skills, says Simon Cannon, director of communication training firm Professional Voice.

Feature by Simon Cannon, Professional Voice appeared in Financial Director on March 25, 2019



New Year, New Challenge, New Program

As we get in to the new year, executives are engaging in the challenge of operating in a fast-moving environment where quality and speed of communication is paramount.


Professional Voice celebrates 20 years of supporting business professionals

"Every client is individual; every speaking situation unique", says Marie Lester, co-founder of Professional Voice.


BT Speaking Clock Competition on the BBC News

Professional Voice on the judging panel to find a new voice for the BT Speaking Clock


Financial Times and

What you need to know about delivering an important presentation.

Presenting is not my strength. How can I develop my confidence and get my message across effectively, as well as keep my audience engaged and manage my nerves?

Marie Lester, Executive Communication coach at Professional Voice, says:

Steve Jobs was probably the nearest thing the business world had to a pop star. He made presenting look effortless, but what was the secret to his winning style? 



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