Online Presentation Coaching

We provide a 1-1 voice and presentation skills coaching service via web conference that enables executives to improve their general vocal and presentation skills or to work on a specific presentation - wherever they are in the world. 

Receive feedback and coaching in a 2-hour session from an experienced messaging coach on:

1. Message

  • Overall impact of presentation
  • Presentation structure and storyline
  • Signposting and focussing techniques
  • Making key points memorable

2. Slides

  • Effectiveness and clarity of visuals

3. Delivery

  • Engaging and maintaining the attention of the audience
  • Increasing the persuasiveness of the message
  • Influencing through vocal tone
  • Clarity of delivery

This service is provided to clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and US, resulting in a marked improvement in any presentation, and provides valuable input for sales pitch presentations, conference presentations and company briefings.

It is also provides flexible coaching for any executive who wishes to raise his/her communication skill level, and features as a component of a number of talent and leadership development programs.


Essential Components of an Effective Presentation:




  • We have structured a pioneering remote coaching service with Professional Voice which assists our executives in optimising their business messages.

    Antoine Kissenpfennig, 
    HR Director, Swiss Re,
    Zurich, 2009 

  • We wanted to offer our participants some support and Professional Voice has developed a programme that is tailored to our needs. Thus some of the coaching happens remotely and some of it happens face-to-face. This mix has proven to be perfect for us.

    Ursula Obermair, 
    Divisional Learning and Development Director, GKN Driveline,
    Bolzano, 2013  

  • The coaches’ support has significantly improved the presentations: the messages of the presentations are crystal clear, the slides are supporting the presentation and people feel comfortable in presenting in front of an important audience. Moreover, the methods and techniques learned during the programme are suitable to be applied in people’s daily work and help to put the focus on getting a message across instead of just presenting information.

    Ursula Obermair, 
    Divisional Learning and Development Director, GKN Driveline,
    Bolzano, 2013