Mastering Informal Business Speaking

Voice and Communication Skills for Daily Business

Communication in Daily Business

The ability to create an immediate rapport with new contacts is an essential skill in daily business life - and for business development. The impression you make on clients and colleagues is influenced greatly by your informal communications such as your initial meeting, chatting over a drink or discussions at dinner.

Coaching includes work on how to:

  • Looking and feeling at ease during informal communication
  • Building rapport with clients and colleagues
  • Listening actively and using questions to connect
  • Making a positive impression of yourself and your company
  • Maximising opportunities to promote a business message

Voice and communication skills coaching for daily business will help you to increase your personal and professional sphere of influence. 


Voice and Communication Skills for Meetings

Getting your Message across in Meetings

Meetings are an important forum for information-sharing, balanced discussion, idea generation and decision-making. The most effective meetings are those where executives are able to get their points of view across, answer questions and give updates succinctly, and argue a strong business case. This allows the business to make better decisions quickly and efficiently, rather than poor decisions based on incomplete information or political motivations. 

Coaching includes:

  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Engaging with clients and colleagues
  • Active listening
  • Constructing responses to questions with minimal preparation time
  • Communicating key points simply and clearly
  • Developing a persuasive business case
  • Encouraging contributions and participation
  • Managing interjection and digressions

These skill areas provide the executive with the ability to motivate colleagues, achieve consensus through shared understanding, and ensure a common business direction.


Engaging Through Voice

How well do you communicate with your team? Capturing the hearts and the minds of your employees is a vital skill for managers in organisations which are undergoing change and seeking performance improvements.

Coaching includes:

  • Understanding authentic leadership
  • Building credibility and connecting to employees
  • Creating messages which resonate with the audience
  • Speaking clearly and engagingly
  • Developing good listening skills
  • Motivating people to act

By harnessing your communication strengths and developing your skills of engagement, you will be better able to inspire your employees with clear communication and effective delivery, and drive both individual and business performance.

  • Swiss Re has been working with Professional Voice for a few years and we are extremely pleased to have such a reliable partner who continuously delivers outstanding quality. We especially appreciate the high level of professionalism and energy - both regarding the design and the delivery of the programs.

    Claudia Bennewitz,
    Director, Human Resources, Swiss Re
    Zurich, 2010 


  • Professional Voice designed and delivered a management development programme for us called “Mastering Your Message”, which comprised two workshops with follow-up 1-1 coaching.  The objective of the training was to improve the communication skills of our management team in business-speaking situations, specifically in presentations and meetings.  I can say that the feedback from the delegates was some of the most positive I have seen and that we have seen a real improvement in the quality and delivery of presentations in the business as people have put into practice what they have learned.  I would highly recommend Professional Voice to any organisation with a similar requirement.

    Vicky Lefevre,
    Head of HR - EMEA, Argo International
    London, 2013