Speaking as a Leader

Stop informing. Start influencing!

Voice and Presentations Skills

The ability to speak with clarity, confidence and impact is a critical skill in today's uncertain and complex business environment. Leaders cannot simply rely on formal authority derived from their position. Today they need to be able to influence a variety of audiences both in and outside the organisation to shape opinion, break down resistance - and make things happen.

Speaking as a Leader covers all aspects of leadership communication: formal speaking and presenting and impromptu speaking. It will enable you to:

  • Understand how a personal brand is formed, how to develop your leadership brand and use it to increase your sphere of influence
  • Project a credible and confident image
  • Command attention
  • Create clear, well-structured and persuasive messages
  • Harness the power of words to win the hearts and minds
  • Develop strong vocal skills to engage and get buy-in
  • Handle challenging questions effectively
  • Turn round negative perceptions and create shared understanding

We audit your skill set, build on your strengths and equip you with skills to take you to the next level.

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Webinars and Teleconference Speaking

Webinars and Teleconference Speaking

The use of webinars and teleconferencing for internal and external meetings has increased dramatically in global communication. This brings with it new challenges for the business executive. More emphasis must be placed on engaging the listeners and clarity of message.

 In our Voice and Webinar Skills program we provide feedback and coaching on:

  • Managing the webinar environment 
  • Structuring a presentation for a web conference
  • Harnessing the power of words
  • Creating effective visuals which fit this medium
  • Using vocal dynamics to engage the listener
  • Maintaining vocal energy
  • Speaking with clarity
  • Interacting with the audience

Feedback and coaching can be provided face-to-face and remotely via web conference.

Voice Skills for teleconferences and web conferences are a vital addition to your executive skill set.


Rehearsal Coaching for TED, 'TED-style' talks, Management Conferences and Town Halls

Conference Speaking

Ted-style talks have been a phenomenon. Simon Sinek’s talk on “How great leaders inspire action” has been viewed over 38 million times! What does this mean for business speaking? Ted-style talks have raised the bar for business speakers. It’s no longer enough to stand at the front of the room talking to a data-heavy PowerPoint slide. Audiences expect to be entertained, educated and inspired. This creates new pressures on the average business speaker.

In our rehearsal coaching programs we work with the client on:

  • Analysing the elements of effective storytelling in TED-style talks
  • Defining the core theme and structural elements of the story, and developing a logical flow
  • Creating momentum and building the need
  • Using vivid language and rhetorical technique to bring the story to life
  • Making difficult concepts understandable through use of metaphor
  • Connecting with a large audience
  • Using the space and moving with the message
  • Managing flow and focus through use of verbal cues, eye contact and gesture
  • Dealing with tension and breath under pressure
  • Engaging the audience through variation of pitch and inflection
  • Adding impact through pace and pause
  • Using tone of voice to get emotional buy-in
  • Sounding convincing and connected to the message
  • Handling questions effectively
  • Managing objections and turning round negative perceptions

We also provide voice and communication skills coaching for teams which includes:

  • Promoting company values
  • Ensuring consistency of message across speakers
  • Dealing with performance mechanics such as handovers
  • Ensuring commonality of style

Professional Voice has provided business speaking skills and public speaking rehearsal coaching for TED Talks, industry events such as DLF talks, and numerous company conferences, working in venues such as London's Royal Albert Hall with a 5000-strong audience, and with simultaneous presentation and teleconference to a worldwide audience of 15,000 employees.


Corporate Films, Webcasts and Video Messages

Corporate films and podcasts

Corporate films, webcasts and video messages are a key vehicle for promoting brand messages and communicating ideas - and yet often they are unclear, badly-structured and poorly delivered. Professional Voice can provide creative input, advice on structure and coaching in how to land the message effectively.

Projects have included films for employees, websites, investors and product launches.

Coaching can include work on:

  • Clarifying film/podcast objective and storyline
  • Ensuring consistency of message across speakers
  • Speaking on camera (including use of autocue where required)
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Maintaining the interest of the listener through use of vocal techniques
  • Ensuring commonality of style, reflective of the organisational brand

Film is a challenging and unfamiliar medium for many executives and requires a new skill set for a successful end result.


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  • I have found Professional Voice training to be relevant, professional and effective, with measurable improvements being effected quickly. Coaching focusses on optimising vocal effectiveness, clarity and impact; flow and persuasiveness of business messages; and personal presence and gravitas when speaking in any business context. What I particularly like about Professional Voice is the personalised, approach, tailored to the needs of the indidividual, that is always part of the package delivered.

    I would highly recommend them.

    Mandy Walker, Head of Learning and Development, Magnox Group, 2019

  • Strong speaking skills have never been more important than in today’s challenging marketplace. Our managers need to communicate robust and persuasive messages to clients, colleagues and stakeholders alike. One of the greatest benefits of working with the team at Professional Voice is the personalized approach and immediate difference they help our colleagues achieve. They support our managers up to Board level and the quality of coaching has been consistently high. I would highly recommend their coaching services.

    Dami Patel, Taylor and Francis Group, Human Resources Director, 2019

  • Having moved to a senior position within my company, I knew I needed to ensure that my presentation skills were “up to the mark”.  With the help of Professional Voice, I now feel confident to present at all levels.

    Mark Grant,
    Aftersales Director, Scania (Great Britain)

  • Professional Voice's voice and messaging skills training was recommended to me by several internal clients already using their service in the company when I joined. I soon understood why. The training is credible, professional and authentic, and measurable improvements are effected quickly. Training focusses on optimizing vocal effectiveness, clarity and impact, persuasiveness of business message, and personal presence when speaking in any business context. Whether it's a group or 1-1 format, I always know we are going to get a solid training product - every time!

    Karen Williams,
    Head of Learning and Development, Argo Group

  • Professional Voice has continuously delivered high-quality programs that are of real benefit to the personal development and communication skillset of our people.

    David Chalmers,
    HP’s CTO, Enterprise Storage and Servers,

  • The coaching has been excellent and we are very pleased with the progress made.

    Gemma Webb,
    General Manager, UK & Ireland, British American Tobacco,

  • Communication is such an important part of leadership and Professional Voice helps build the skills that bring communication to life.

    Francis Salway,
    Chief Executive, Land Securities plc,

  • Overall, the change has been dramatic in a very short space of time, and I'm progressing in every new speaking opportunity: clients, pitches, conferences. This week I had the opportunity to present in front of my main board, which includes our shareholders, and I probably delivered my best presentation ever in terms of clarity and authority. A colleague told me that he never heard me presenting so well.

    Xavier Vallee,
    Head of Marketing, Avis,


  • We utilise the expertise of Professional Voice in our most senior development programs and can always be sure that the result will be very valuable. The Professional Voice coaches are able to engage and even manage to inspire critical people who have had intensive communication experience and training before.

    Claudia Bennewitz,
    Director, Human Resources, Swiss Re,